Can You actually turn fat into muscle?

Debunking A Fitness Myth

Myth: Working Out Will Turn Fat Into Muscle.

The truth is that the process of burning fat is completely separate from the process of building muscle. So while you can lose fat while gaining muscle, You cannot convert fat into muscle. Let's dive a little deeper into why..

Fat loss occurs when you put yourself into a caloric deficit. Simply put fat cells are where our extra energy we don't need to use is stored.. aka the extra calories you take in. Once you enter adulthood you have a set number of fat cells. These cells will get bigger & smaller based on your caloric intake. However, it is not possible to convert fat cells into muscle.. we are just making our fat cells smaller.

Muscular gains occur when our muscles are put under stress and microscopic tears occur. For example, if you increase the amount of weight you lift or the distance you run, you’re causing damage to your muscle fibers. The body then will repair the damage causing the muscles to heal and grow.



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