Are You Getting Enough Quality Sleep?

"Ask someone what their favorite thing is. Have them go two days without sleep and they will tell you that sleep is their favorite thing."

To those trying to improve their body or athletic performance, sleep is just as important as the right diet or lifting program, maybe even more so. How important is it? Scientists estimate a human would die within ten days if continuously deprived of sleep. You can go that long without food but not sleep.. that's pretty crazy.

Insufficient sleep will slow muscle recovery and increase insulin resistance! It can also lower your testosterone and reduce your natural levels of growth hormone. When specifically looking at weight loss insufficient sleep will increase the hunger causing hormones lepton & ghrelin, Making us more susceptible to over eating. Something to also consider when looking at your sleep habits is are you getting QUALITY sleep hours or are you constantly waking up?

Tips To Help You Sleep Like a Baby

1. It starts in the morning! Try to go to sleep and wake up at consistent times! 2. Be awakened by light, The slow rise helps you feel alert and relaxed. A light alarm clock can be relatively cheap and many people prefer it to an abrupt alarm clock. 3. Get up and moving right away. Movement speeds up the waking process, whereas hitting snooze increases drowsiness and disorientation. When it's time to wake up- get those feet on the floor right away! A good tip for this is to ditch your cell phone alarm clock and get something that is across the room so that you are forced to get out of bed. 4. Spend some more time in the sun!  Light exposure suppresses the production of Melatonin, which is the hormone that tells our brain it's time for sleep. 5. Ditch Caffeine & Alcohol at night! Consuming caffeine after 2:00 pm and or having 1-2 alcoholic drinks in the evening can interfere with deep sleep. While yes, alcohol can act as a sedative the body quickly metabolizes it and the sedative effects wear off causing your brain not to be able to go into deep sleep.



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